Providing Service for Over 55 Years

The Economic Opportunity Agency was established in December 1965 to help low-income families succeed economically and socially in Northwest Arkansas. We believe that when we empower families to succeed through their own efforts, we empower all of Northwest Arkansas to succeed as a great place to work and live.


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Values & Behaviors

Child Abuse Services in Northwest Arkansas
EOA embraces this core set of values and behaviors that are reflected in our organizational culture.
Low Income Child Services Near Me in Northwest Arkansas


I am responsible for the energy I bring to situations and approach my work with a sense of possibility and positivity.

Child Abuse Services for Low Income Households Near Me


I do what is right over what is fast, easy, or comfortable.
Child Care Services for Low Income Households


I recognize and congratulate customers, staff, and volunteers on their good work.
Low Income Child Services Near Me in Northwest Arkansas


I do what I say I am going to do, and I am aware of my competencies and limitations.
Rent Assistance Near Me | Economic Opportunity Agency


I choose to embrace our values rather than simply profess them.
Water Bill Payment Assistance Needed | EOA of NWA


I treat others with respect and fairness.
Low Income Water Bill Assistance | EOA of NWA

Our Mission

Empowering children and families to learn, connect, and succeed.

Our Vision

EOA has a vision of Northwest Arkansas as a resilient community where children and families experiencing adverse circumstances have the opportunity to thrive, become sufficient, and live an improved quality of life.

Community Support

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